404: Plane Not Found


May 2nd, 2018

35 mins 28 secs

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In this episode, Megan and Kori discussed the Malaysia airlines MH 370 flight. There is a possibility that the flight could have been highjacked, the Prime Minister of Malaysia, and others, state that the plane could be remotely controlled by Boeing, the creator of the 777 aircraft. The Prime Minister also stated that there may have been important cargo or personnel on the plane, and that the plane may have been kidnapped more than once. Additionally, there may have been a miscount of the number of personnel on the aircraft leading people to believe that a cover up had happened. This extra person on the manifest could have been the person to hijack the plane or just a plain old mistake. Another prevailing theory is that the pilot wished to create the world’s largest mystery, and that he crashed the plane on purpose. But none of that is as interesting as the illuminati, so of course, they got involved in this conspiracy as well and somehow the plane fell into a magical worm hole vortex thing. Who knows.  We think what makes the most sense is that it is the 404th 777 aircraft, so it went missing just like the web address we can never type correctly the first time and our browser brings us to a page that doesn’t exist. Many believe that the plane was equipped with state of the art cloaking technology. Conveniently the patent holders may have been on the aircraft as well. If so they’re dead.

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