DIAblo's in the Details


May 9th, 2018

32 mins 28 secs

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One of the world’s largest airports, The Denver International Airport is home to many conspiracy theories. Not only was there more than twice the 2-billion-dollar budget spent on the construction of the airport, it is filled with many strange construction secrets and eerie pieces of art placed throughout its halls. Is it a Neo -Nazi strong hold? Probably…not. Though it may appear so, because of how it was constructed and decorated. It may also be a Freemason/Illuminati gathering base of operations for when the world crumbles into chaos, and the superpowers that control the world need a haven in Colorado that they can fly directly to. Or it’s just a really big airport. What may be creepiest is the blue veiny glowing demon eyed horse statue that killed its creator. You tell us what you think after you listen to our epic conversation.


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