I'm Going To Have Nightmares


January 9th, 2019

51 mins 51 secs

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Dear David, how did you die?

                “an accident in a store”

Dear David, what happened in the store?

                “A shelf was pushed on my head”

Dear David, who pushed the shelf?


It all began a few years back in the summer of 2017. Buzzfeed writer and illustrator Adam Ellis was plagued with the reoccurring cases of sleep paralysis, in which he was being haunted by the ghost of a child. The child approached him in his state of awoken paralysis, and he feared that those may be his last moment as the child neared with death in his eyes. But just before aberration closed upon him, he regained his motor skills and the child disappeared. A few nights later, Ellis dreamt he was in a library where he was visited by a small girl. She said to him, “You’ve seen Dear David, haven’t you?” She explained to the still dreaming Ellis, that he must only ask David three questions and preface them with “Dear David.”

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