Sounds Like a Suicide: Sounds Like a Murder


June 27th, 2020

33 mins 43 secs

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About this Episode

Chavis Carter, a young black man in Arkansas, and his friends were pulled over while riding driving at night without their heads lights on. When first questioned by the police, Chavis gave the name Laryan Bowman, but the officers quickly discovered that that was in fact a false name. Chavis then gave the officers his real name, and it was determined that he had an active warrant from a year before. Chavis then searched and placed in the police car. The officers then further investigated the vehicle and sent the friends away. Chavis was searched again, and then cuffed and placed in the car once more. After some time it was found that Chavis had a gunshot in his head when they investigated a strange smell of smoke coming from the vehicle. How does a man conceal a gun through two searches, and then shoot himself in the head with his hands bound behind his back?
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